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More Gigs Added

Farrah have added more gigs to the latest run:

Doncaster – Leopard 1st Dec.

Brighton – Freebutt 6th Dec.

Dudley – Robin Hood 9th Dec.

Farrah sign their lives away!

All the hard work finally pays off! Farrah are proud to announce a world-wide recording deal with Ark21 records (an affiliate of Universal).

Today the band put pen to paper after weeks of frenzied speculation and signed away their souls to the devil that is the music industry.

Jez said “Oh my god! We’re professional musicans!
Mike said “I’ll have to practice!
Andy said “nice.
Tom said (affecting his best Jewish/NY accent) “Jeeezus, i’m stunned!

Single sells out!

…..on vinyl. The CD single should be available everywhere but due to a catalogue error some of the big stores might not have it in until later this week. We are told the vinyl has currently sold out but more are being pressed.

You can also buy it from all good online stores such as CD Paradise or Amazon.

More gigs announced

Farrah play York Fibbers later in November and again at the next Club Skinny Tie.