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Excess all areas

Farrah were seen behaving terribly at the recent Rainbow Quartz night at the Barfly Club Camden.

After watching an excellent set from the US’s Myracle Brah, the band talked endless rubbish and Mike (who had been guzzling Stella) stormed off and was later found looking through bins outside Camden’s Kebab shops.

Mike later released this statement

“Look, it tasted fine – anyway, I was hungry.”

Farrah on Tour!

The boys will be strapping the ‘cucumber of rock’ to the ‘leg of roll’ in an extensive summer tour of the UK.

The band are supporting 4 Star Mary at various UK venues from June 7th to the middle of July. Check the gigs page for more details.

The ‘Curl The Moustache’ tour will coincide with the long awaited release of ‘Moustache‘ which is getting rave reviews in the press.

The band are also releasing ‘Tired Of Apologising‘ on July 9th. This single will be backed by acoustic versions of….well you’ll have to wait and find out!

We like Dominic Utton

A man with taste. Farrah make “Single of the Week” in his 4* rated Sunday Express review.

Read it in full here

New Dates for Album & Single

Yes, you’ll be glad to hear that to keep you anticipating even more the album and single have both been slightly delayed (again)!

The next single “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” will now come out on 30th April.

The debut album “Moustache” will now come out on 28th May.

Irksome skinny tied characters!

Comedy Timeout review by Manish Agarwal. Indie cred connections win over quality.

Surely not a backlash already??

Radio 2 Play

Bob Harris played the single last night on his Radio 2 show, ‘I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend‘ is in the shops on April 23rd.

Great gig

Thanks to everyone who made the trek to Margate for the Shed Seven support on Thursday. We had a great show (and great fish and chips)and made lots of new friends

The Sheds kindly got us drunk and kidnapped Mike who was last seen at Toddington Services trying to break into Julie’s pantry

Late Breaking Gig News

Farrah are playing a last minute gig supporting Shed 7 in Margate Tommorrow (5/4/01).

Details are sketchy but the “Winter Gardens” is the place to be in Margate tommorrow.

..and thats all we know!!