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Message to people trying to sell us punting trips down the river…… F*&K OFF!

Cambridge is a big posh town with plums in it’s mouth. For a change we got to the gig early and got taken out for lunch by our gorgeous and wonderful PR people Louise and Caroline. Mike even had a pudding (which he was never allowed as a child…all together now AHHHHHH) Mike had already eaten everyone elses leftovers. Mike the drummer ate 17 courses and finished off with a large slice of whale pie. (he has a tapeworm).

The gig was astonishingly hot and rocking. It’s probably our favourite of the tour. It was only marred by the fact that we had leave friends & family early to drive to up York to go to Shed 7’s party – the night was a scream. Courtney Love was there and everything (she has a violent temper) we eventually crawled off to bed at 4am.