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Upstairs @ The Garage, Islington

Squeezed In

Side View

Aftershow Sweat



Jez & Andy

High Notes

In Pain?


Special thanks to Jen for these pics.

Farrah On tour in September

Keep your eyes peeled in Early September as Farrah will be on tour in the U.K to promote their new single Tired of Apologising. More news soon…..

The Barfly

They think it’s all over…it is now. Last gigs are always a worry. You don’t want to play badly or break seven strings. You want to play a storming gig in front of some great punters, get incredibly pissed and have a party in a hotel corridor until 7a.m. Thats what we did, thankyou to everyone who came and chatted and ‘goodnight Vienna’ Jez xx

Arts Centre

Aah the home of doctor Foster and a sold out venue, that’s what we like. Great stage, nice staff, whisky binge until we were all shouting in true ‘Father Jack’ style. Only one more to go!? time flies when you’re hammered…..

The Crypt

Ooh our aching heads, Had to indulge in a little chef for lunch when we eventually left our pit of despair.A brisk promenade along Brighton pier was the order of the day!

Hastings was a bit windswept but a great town. the gig was great, the stage was so close to the fans we could smell them – they smelled better than us. the drive back to London was unremarkable except for the fact that we had a race with an Astra……AND WON!

The New Concorde

Brighton is a very stylish town full of beautiful people. We spent the day walking around the lanes holding hands and then eventually soundchecked when the PA crew found the power switch. We loved the venue and have also noticed the front row singing along with the songs (i’d better not forget the lyrics now!). FSM rocked and then invited us to a party at the hotel. We all got completely out of it, big Mike passed out…..they out-rocked us big time. I hear that Doug from FSM had a good night!?..

Wedgewood rooms

What a great night, The wedgewood rooms is a seriously good venue and the crowd were seriously up for it. We chatted to very attractive girls all night… Thanks to all the people who said hello, we love you all.

Arts Centre

Saturday night in Colchester is seriously Rocking. The venue is a converted church so we did our best not to blaspheme on stage. The crowd was well up for it and was moshing after the first song. My slight cold was cured by the sight of crowd surfing. We drove 200 miles after the gig to go to a party in Derby. We can’t post any photos from this event as they all involve mike H and Mike W dancing like dads at a wedding. Footloose by Kenny Loggins was played…..say no more

The Lomax L2

the crowd!

stage right

stage left

fuzzy sweat

It’s nice to be in Liverpool the birthplace of pop (Cilla Black,BBMak….) Capacity crowd and great vibe made this night one of our faves on the tour. Loads of people came up to talk to us which is always nice! Only downside was driving back to London after the gig

Victoria Inn

Derby and Joan, isn’t it or is it a horse race. Whatever it is it’s also a town in the east Midlands that loves to rock!

After a long drive from darkest Yorkshire we were flagging. Then we found out that we’re shooting a video for our next single (tired of apologising) so we picked ourselves up and looked forward to the gig. To say the stage at the victoria is quite small is like saying the queen mother has ‘quite’ bad teeth.

after our usual pie and chips (you have to eat healthy on the road) we discovered that Andy’s keyboard had decided to die on us so the audience were treated to some astomishing percussion work by the semi mohicaned farrah key tinkler instead.

we finished a stone lighter and happy…(it was, as usual very hot). The crowd were great and we recognised some familiar faces. Rock on Derby!