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Farrah on your Radio

just offstage

dressing room

Farrah appear on Janice Long’s Radio 2 show on Monday September 4th at midnight! The band will be playing acoustic versions of some of moustache’s hit parade. So tune in on FM 88 to 92 FM

Live Radio Session

good morning mike.

mikeH & jez

some birds

Davey Boy

Farrah will be doing an acoustic session on Radio 2 next week. The boys will be performing 3 songs live on Janice Long‘s late night show on Monday 3rd September.

Mojo Review!!

ac dressing room

mike & jez backstage

MikeH Rocks


It just gets better!!!!

“Spotlessly clean production”

Go and grab a copy of this month’s Mojo and read another great review!!


It’s hard to believe this is a debut. It sounds fresh, new and invigorating.

It’s like you’ve been hearing the songs all your life. They deal in the perfect three-minute pop market-place.

In Farrah I can hear snippets of The Beatles, Beach Boys, Crowded House, Teenage Fanclub and all manner of happy-go-lucky ’60s pop groups. The album is intelligent, witty, charming, disarming”….

Read the review in full here.


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Whether you’re in the UK or USA you can easily get your hands on the boy’s four star Q magazine rated album!!