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Tired Of Apologising Out Today

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Yes! The new single is in the shops on Monday 17th. Check out the Competition page to find out how you can win the original artwork…..

If it isn’t on the shelves in your local record emporium please make the effort to order it by quoting them the catalogue number ‘arkcd2003‘ in a stern but firm voice.

Missed it?

Don’t worry if you missed Farrah’s late night acoustic session. Auntie has kindly made the recordings available from the “Best Bits” section of the Janice Long pages on the BBC website.


Special thanks to Kris for most of these pics.

Radio GaGa



Farrah who?




Beaker & Pob

Hope you caught the Radio 2 live session and interview on monday night! Farrah played live acoustic versions of ‘Tired of Apologising’, ‘Terry’ and ‘Lois Lane’ and were interviewed by a very enthusiastic Janice Long on her late night show. Good fun was had, thanks Janice