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Thanks to the brave souls who came to see Farrah’s acoustic gig last week. We had fun and judging by the response, you did too. The highlight? Posh Mike’s vocal debut (what a crooner)

Gigging in March

Farrah are playing an electric show at ‘The Studio’ 144 Charing Cross Rd London W1 on Friday March 22nd. This club is a great venue right in the heart of the Capital. It’s just been refurbished at a cost of over £2000000 (more than our fee!) and this is going to be a really special night with 7 bands playing on two stages. We’ve no more details about cost and stage times yet but we’ll let you know when we do

Keep on rocking

Farrah XXX

Palatial Rehearsal

For reason’s beyond our understanding we unded up in a posh rehearsal room today. Writing new material and having a quick acoustic run through before tommorrow’s gig at The Buffalo Bar.