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For the gadget freaks out there you can now feed your farrah addiction on the move by pointing your WAP phones to http://wap.farrah.co.uk.

It’s only a mini-version of the website right now but it could prove useful to all of you jet-setting fans on-the-move.

technology eh? weeny ace.

Stone Drums

Today was Posh Mike’s moment of glory as Farrah splashed out on a fancy studio to record a few of the drum tracks for some new songs we’re working on. The expensive stone walled drum room sounded ace and Mike’s playing was on top form. The new album will ROCK!!!

Thanks for coming



Them Again!


Thanks to everyone who made it to Farrah’s triumphant return to the London Stage last night. The band played a blistering 30 minute set that included the first performance of ‘Wake up’ which will be on the next album.

This week the boys are in the studio recording 4 new tracks for the new album. The tracks are called (These are working titles) ‘School Disco,’ ‘Hopelessly Devoted,’ ‘She Takes An Inch’ and ‘Wake Up’


Download and print your own flyer for discounted entry to tonight’s gig here.

Studio Club

Photo’s sent in by taken by Sandrine Barry ([email protected])

In the heart of the west end of London Farrah unleashed some new songs on a sweaty friday night crowd. ‘Wake Up’ was a new song extolling the vitues of positive thinking. Wayne did sterling work at the mixing desk and a lot of merchandise was sold to new friends from many different countries. good fun all round!