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Acoustic Mayhem

Cheltenham, or is it Chelmsford, or is It Gloucester? Confusion reigned in Farrah’s trusty road horse Bertha, as no member of the band had considered bringing the address of the gig with them. It was an unusual night as big Mike Walker was missing from bass duties due to imminent fatherhood, and the rest of the band had a hurried rehearsal at Mike Hopkin’s East London penthouse.

Once on stage and lubricated by a few pints of guinness the lads showed that Farrah don’t need the big guitars to get accross the big choruses! Man of the match was undoubtedly Mike Hopkins as he learned a lot of new harmonies which pleased the bereted and goateed crowd no end. A rebooking was offered but the band couldn’t help thinking ( at 3AM driving home and fueled with red bull) Cheltenham is a long way from London!