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Jez and Andy in Bournemouth

We were trapped in Bournemouth for a couple of days and were lucky enough to escape out into the daylight and actually see the sun. So this is where they come to die?


Sadly farrah were robbed today. My keyboards and Mike’s bass and amp were stollen from Bertha (trusty road warrior).

Very very very anoying indeed.

Of course we have insurance but that still doesn’t compensate for the loss of instruments. Mike’s bass has been with farrah from the start and my blue OB12 synth was filled with farrah sounds that, stupidly, had not been backed up for quite a while. And the Hammond organ is almost irreplacable. The mood is glum in the farrah camp tonight.

Oh well, shit happens.



Still rehearsing?!!!

We were all at the Depot studios again today. We must have spent too much time there as Andy and Mike H have memorised the Caf’s menu! To be honest there’s more petty bickering about whose turn it is to make the tea than rehearsing. We’re still searching for a bass player who has the talent and the looks of the sadly departed Mike ) – : In the mean time we’ll be recording more tracks

I’m sure you’ll all be massively impressed that myself and 8 friends came second in the pub quiz last night. Obviously we celebrated by drinking an embarrassing amount. Actually we we’re pretty rebellious, quiz teams were officially limited to 6 members! Oasis eat your heart out, THIS is REAL rock and roll….

I see dead people

Body Worlds is a seriously brilliant exhibition of the grotesque and the informative. I reccommend it wholeheartedly. What else did I get up to? Barbeques and frisby competitions on Hampstead Heath.

Back to the grindstone today. An 8 hour rehearsal with Mike and Andy Bickering like old women! Rock and roll eh? you goota love it


My head hurts

Good morning campers! Went to the Forum last night to see Mr Scruff. Very good fun although I had a lddle bit much to drink.

Yesterday we heard from the States that “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” was getting some Radio play in sunny California and the album gets it’s U.S release in June.

We were all in the Depot rehearsing yesterday which was depressing as the sun was shining outside. Today I’m venturing to the Body Worlds exhibition in Shoreditch. (This is the artist who fills human corpses with Plastic resin and takes the skin off) I’m sure this will kill or cure my hangover… and this evening I hear you ask? Well I’m going to the London Eye and then going to the grand re-opening of ‘The Pineapple’ Kentish Town’s premiere hostelry which has been saved from the developers HURRAH!.

Farrah rub shoulders with the stars…and Bryan Ferry

farrah were rehearsing today at a popular North London studios and were constantly interrupted by the noise coming through the walls from Oasis’ rehearsal room. Rumour has it that there was a great deal of falling out between the brothers as Liam complained that Noel had ‘more air’ on his side of the room! I kid you not. Also in were Pulp, Starsailer (yawn), Bryan Ferry (more Avon lady fantasy than Avalon)….More news later in the week

New Website Launched!

vampire mike

jez & andy sing

up in smoke

nice watch

After many many hours of hard work and just a few late nights we are pleased to launch the new Farrah website!

New features include a Photo Diary maintained by the band themselves and a new user-friendly Chat Forum.

Look out for more features soon including a “farrah’s guide to…” section and the very very special “Pete Best Island”.

If you have any questions or find any bugs please email the farrah webmaster.

Sunday bloody Sunday

Jez awakes to face another hangover surrounded by the detritus of Saturday night. Empty whisky bottles, tin foil and a midget in tight underpants called Steve. 6 Croissants and 8 cups of coffee later his D.T’s disapear and he contemplates the day. What do rock stars do when they’re not gigging? Sit in front of the computer and try and make themselves seem more exciting. That’s what.

Jez gets ‘very’ drunk

What do you get if you cross ‘The Kashmir Club’ 6 pints of guinness and Farrah’s lead singer? Bad acoustic music and a pounding head ache that’s what! The kashmir is a great club that showcases new acoustic acts. Unfortunately on fridays it’s ‘try out night’ where various singers try the audiences patience with their self obsessed monotonal drivel. Then again it’s free to get in so it’s bad form to heckle!

Jez goes to York

Had a great weekend in my beautiful hometown of York. I recommend the Golden Ball pub and the buzz bar which serves good value Japanese fayre. Thanks to Mal for plying us all with beer and forgoiving me many broken glasses. Ahhh Blesss