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My head hurts

Good morning campers! Went to the Forum last night to see Mr Scruff. Very good fun although I had a lddle bit much to drink.

Yesterday we heard from the States that “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” was getting some Radio play in sunny California and the album gets it’s U.S release in June.

We were all in the Depot rehearsing yesterday which was depressing as the sun was shining outside. Today I’m venturing to the Body Worlds exhibition in Shoreditch. (This is the artist who fills human corpses with Plastic resin and takes the skin off) I’m sure this will kill or cure my hangover… and this evening I hear you ask? Well I’m going to the London Eye and then going to the grand re-opening of ‘The Pineapple’ Kentish Town’s premiere hostelry which has been saved from the developers HURRAH!.