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Albert Hall

Big isn’t it! Had a good time last night. The Albert hall is slightly more upmarket than the venues I’m used to playing with farrah, the audience weren’t so attractive either!

the gig went well. I met A Ha and i got drunk. Nothing new there.

Heard that our mysterious side project isn’t happening now. Webmonkey was a bit premature with the rumour mongering!

Lots of love

jez x

Albert Hall

I’m performing at the Albert Hall tonight playing acoustic guitar and singing backing vocals for a good friend of mine Kate Aumonier. It should be good fun as we’re supporting ‘Aha!’

I’ll tell you how it went tomorrow

Lots of love

Jez x

Happily ever Abba

Just got back from a wonderful and surreal wedding in darkest hampshire. My friend Robin is in Bjorn Again (he is Benny!) so the reception was full of Abba lookalikes. It was a splendid occasion, obviously I was very drunk, if the moonwalking was anything to judge by, extremely drunk! Nice to get out of London for a couple of days it was like the summer of 69….is that a clue to something else….mmmm?

Tangerine Dreamer

The problem with having loads of knobs in the studio is that you have to use *all* of them. It’s the law.

There has been lots of juicy rumour in the farrah camp this week. As plans for the Spanish release of “Moustache” begin to take shape, a September/October Spanish tour looks quite likely. Also, rumours of a farrah side-project joining a UK arena tour with a very very well known Canadian artist continue to spread like wild fire – and no it’s not Celine Dion. But, like all things to do with farrah, we don’t believe any of it until it actually happens.



Looking good…

The word is starting to spread in the North America!

Check out the Junk Media Review and the Canadian Voir.

Moustache gets U.S Release today!

Zu Rex

Local Press Shot?

3 part

axe action


Americans have finally got the chance to get their grubby paws on Farrah’s debut album ‘Moustache’. The Album that has already been released in the U.K, received fantastic reviews in the press and remains the same track listing for the States (the only difference being the artwork).

The lads are hoping that the American cousins understand the skewed lyrics and swooping harmonies that make the band stand out from the hordes of 2nd rate Pearl-Jam-by-numbers guitar bands that are swamping the American charts. At the moment the album is on heavy rotation on College Radio and pre-orders look very promising.

Recording resumed

After a brief hiatus in the recording process work has resumed on album number 2. We were back in west London luxury today to finnish off work on some of the drum tracks recorded a few weeks back.

There are 3 songs recorded (yet to be mixed) with another 4 nearing completion so we’re almost half way done!



U.S release

All is sounding great from the other side of the pond about Moustache’s imminent U.S release. Lots of college radio stations up and down the country have been spinning the CD and first reaction looks really positive. We’ll let you know any more news as it comes in……..

Jez x