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The behemoth awakens

After lumbering in the bowels of the studio for the last few months, the great lumbering, many limbed beast they call Farrah opens a bleary eye. Around it lies a musical wasteland populated by strange chimp like beings ‘WillYoungs’ and strangely coiffured ‘antandealikes’ such as G..Gates and his pop Idol minions. It is a dark depressing place and Farrah is coming to save us all.

glad to be busy

Heads up

No audience then?

a moment of harmony

Keyboard solo?


Farrah’s lull of live activity is coming to an end Hurrah! The boys and ….girl (ooh!) are itching to get back on the road in the U.K and sunny Spain. Tracks for the new album are continuing at a snail’s pace but titles are rumoured to include. Wake Up, Daytime T.V, The last word, Tongue Tied, Hopelessly devoted, School Disco, Overloaded, Nigel’s Got it Coming, Sarah, The One That Got Away, Give Her an Inch, Everyone Knows It (but you). these are working titles (especially as Jez never finishes the lyrics until the day he sings them).

The band are hoping to have some MP3’s of the new tracks on the site very soon

Rumours have also reached our ears that Jez has been Moonlighting doing Voiceovers for animatronic Christmas grottos ( I kid you not)

they’re back!

hooded claw?


chip it!

hit it!

Farrah will be back on the road in October and November unveiling a new member and new material!

The band haven’t played since May as they’ve been busy recording the follow up to Moustache.

Keep checking the gigs page for details. They will be doing some regional shows as well as dates in London