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tin ribs

Farrah´s tour of Spain rolled into the beautiful city of Barcelona after a 7 hour drive from Madrid. The journey was only punctuated by having lunch at what seemed to be ´¨the Addams family hotel´¨ the This curiosity was only minutes from the 21st century. A hotel museum of all things bad from the 70´s. I think we were lucky to get out alive.

If you are vegetarian and want to go on a diet, Spain is the ideal place. Every day Michelle and myself have been regarded with deep suspicion by everyone in the catering industry. Yesterday´s highlight was a lump of cheese!

Talking of cheese, last night´s gig was in a great little club in the corner of one of Barcelona´s beautiful squares. The audience consisted of power pop nerds who were very attentive- if not rapturous! They soon started cheering when we left the stage…… Mike and myself decided to find a really cool club to have a drink, and failed miserably. We returned to our hotel defeated.

The Hotel is quite strange. It is run by a formidable woman and her miniscule poodle. I was rudely awoken this morning by the sounds of this rat sheep attacking a squeaky toy with some vigour right outside our door. It sounded like Sooty was complaining about his room.

Today we have a day off…yippee! Although we have a 9 hour drive to Bilbao.

Until tomorrow..

All the best and buenos dias

Jez x

Spanish tour

Check out what the band have been up to in Spain over the last few days by visiting the diary page.

Big Dick!

Hola! Farrah played the Moby Dick Club in Madrid last night to a brilliant crowd. The band played undoubtedly the best gig of the tour in front of Madrid´s movers and shakers. Highlights of the set included a prog rock version of Harold Bishop and an acoustic rendition of ´Different for girls´´.

The band had spent the day doing a couple of Radio interviews for Spanish national radio. Pablo (our Spanish label boss) did his best to translate our answers and the DJs played tracks from Moustache with extra wax which has received rave reviews in the Spanish press.

You´ll all be pleased to know that the weather is as cold here as it is in London

Goodbye for now

Jez x


Long drive today so quite an early start. Took my dad for lunch at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the sea. Good paella. Santi (our driver, tour manager, translater, merchandiser and general saviour) puts his foot down and we arrive in Madrid in time to go to the Hotel which is in the heart of the red light district!

The Moby Dick club is a really famous club in Spàin and we play a selection of songs from Moustache and a few new ones to a friendly crowd. After the gig we all go out fro Drinks at the ´tupperware club´and get completely hammered with our Spanish label boss Pablo, Gas and Robert Redford. Crawl into bed at 4am. Two Radio interviews tomorrow……

tiny club rocks!

Castellon is one of the richest and ugliest clubs in Spain. It´s also one of the few clubs that has gigs on a sunday. It´s also the size of a Rabbit hutch. Gig was great although my voice is getting tired. The punters in Spain seem to know a great deal about powerpop. I feel bad that my Spanish is limited to ´´Hola´´ and ´´Quattro Cerveca´´ . after the gig we went for tapas. Tapas for vegetarians consists mainly of Bread and olives. Good drive home listening to Lucinda Williams and other late night tunes. Perhaps I won´t have a hangover tomorrow!

Still raining

Murcia (pronounced Murthiia) is about 100 miles from where we´re staying, so we get to see the olive groves and apple trees that line our route. The club in Murcia is great with a fantastic sound. We´re on tour with a band called Gas who are a powerpop three piece from Valencia. After soundcheck we eat a three course meal with wine (10 euros!) and play a really enjoyable gig. The management kindly left us a bottle of vodca and a bottle of jim Beam which we downed on the way home. mmmm. Got to bed at 4 am. I hope Michelle is alright as she was VERY drunk….


Farrah arrived in Spain desperate to escape the miserable London weather. Arriving in Alicante, oiled and armed with sunglasses, the heavens opened up and it has been raining ever since!

Last night we played The Wah Wah club in Vallencia to a fantastic crowd. We didn’t go on stage until 1AM, so the biggest challenge of the night was staying sober until that time. The Spanish crowd were brilliant and knew the lyrics to Moustache (more than me anyway). Arriving back at our luxury villa in Denia at 4am we realised that the rock and roll lifestyle does have its up-sides!

Check out the diary tomorrow

Buenos nochas

Jez xx

Gig Tonight!


setting up

twiddling knobs

nice lady

Farrah play the Metro Club, Oxford Street Tonight (Tuesday Nov 12th). The club is at the Tottenham Court Rd end of Oxford Street (almost opposite the Virgin Megastore). Farrah will be on stage at 10pm. Tickets are £5 on the door.


It’s nice to be treated to a big posh recording studio every now and again.

A little acoustic treat

A quick gig between recording sessions.