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tin ribs

Farrah´s tour of Spain rolled into the beautiful city of Barcelona after a 7 hour drive from Madrid. The journey was only punctuated by having lunch at what seemed to be ´¨the Addams family hotel´¨ the This curiosity was only minutes from the 21st century. A hotel museum of all things bad from the 70´s. I think we were lucky to get out alive.

If you are vegetarian and want to go on a diet, Spain is the ideal place. Every day Michelle and myself have been regarded with deep suspicion by everyone in the catering industry. Yesterday´s highlight was a lump of cheese!

Talking of cheese, last night´s gig was in a great little club in the corner of one of Barcelona´s beautiful squares. The audience consisted of power pop nerds who were very attentive- if not rapturous! They soon started cheering when we left the stage…… Mike and myself decided to find a really cool club to have a drink, and failed miserably. We returned to our hotel defeated.

The Hotel is quite strange. It is run by a formidable woman and her miniscule poodle. I was rudely awoken this morning by the sounds of this rat sheep attacking a squeaky toy with some vigour right outside our door. It sounded like Sooty was complaining about his room.

Today we have a day off…yippee! Although we have a 9 hour drive to Bilbao.

Until tomorrow..

All the best and buenos dias

Jez x