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Merry Christmas!

Festive greetings from the band!


Ow, my head hurts. It feels like i’m wearing a tight trilby. Had fun last night at The Fine Young cannibals. Two of my friends were Cannibals and it was a great gig. too many pints of guinness though, hence the headache. i think i’ll have to collapse in front of the telly. Ow. xx


Merry Christmas gig

Thanks to all of you who came to see the band at The Dublin Castle. The gig was areal stormer and mostly featured songs from the new album as well as a rarely performed acoustic version of the Joe Jackson classic ‘Different for girls’. Mike Walker travelled all the way from York for the gig and he had a tear in his eye for most of the set (i think it was the price of a London pint). Thanks to Debbie for the Christmas cards!