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Farrah rock France!

Farrah are delighted to announce that Moustache will be released in France this Spring! The album will be available from March and the band will be heading accross the channel to do some shows later in the Year…

A huge thankyou!

Thanks so much to all the brave souls who braved terrible weather conditions and transport chaos to come and see Farrah last night in Camden. The band played a storming set and worked up a sweat in front of a crowd who were grateful to be out of the blizzard! Special gold stars to Jen and Danni (we hope you got home!) and to Claire too.

It was really great to see so many of you. Thanks!

I’m tired!

Good morning everybody! I hope you’re feeling more awake than me. The world is carpeted white. Even the tower blocks look bearable. My throat hurts this morning, as do my aching muscles. Really enjoyed the gig last night but didn’t enjoy loading in a blizzard. I was to red-bulled up when I got in so watched the open University in the early hours and pondered the deep questions of the universe: why can’t scientists dress well? Was it a scientist who invented the classic ‘ beard without moustache?’

Today I’m meeting up with the French label who are putting Moustache out in France. The label boss is a really cool guy. We’ll be on the same label as the brilliant Cotton Mather in France which warms the cockles somewhat.

Hope you enjoy the snow. It always looks better to me through the windows of a pub….tonight perhaps…

Oh, By the way, our ex-drummer Tom has a single out this week on Fierce Panda. His band is called Repairman and the single is called Smiling White Noise. I love it and you will too if you like wierdy acoustic loopy Gomezesque hook filled flights of fancy…..

If we all bought it, it might get in the charts and he could afford to buy me that pint he owes me!

Gig last night!





warm up

fan mail


public school boys?

Thanks to those who braved the freezing cold to come and see the band at the aptly named ‘Kooler’ in Cheltenham. The band played a Rip-roaring set and debuted a new song ‘Hopelessly Devoted‘.

The band play the Dublin Castle tonight!

Farrah Competition

Competition time! O.K, here’s your chance to get your hands on a real rarity!

The winner of this Competition will win a mint condition signed copy of Farrah’s first single ‘Terry’ on limited edition Orange Vinyl. There were only a thousand of these little gems made.

How do you win? Well, after careful consideration, the band has come up with the following fiendish question. The band’s trusty van (Bertha) has faithfully carried the band to all their gigs since the band bought her. We want you to tell us how many miles the van has done since the start of the millennium! The closest answer wins the single!

All entries should be emailed to [email protected] and need to be sent in no later than St Valentine’s day (February 14th)

Farrah Gigs

Farrah have two gigs this week. They play Cheltenham on Wednesday January 29th and London on thursday January 30th. Check the gigs page for more details.

Sunday bloody sunday

Sundays eh? Sandwiches, relatives, antiques roadshow, sprouts. I woke up this sunday without a hangover for the first time since 1989 (i started drinking very young) What a strange experience it was. Still as boring but without the headache. I’ve been listening to some new CD’s (The Pernice Brothers and Nada Surf, since you ask)

My New Year’s health kick was going well until Friday when a friends birthday turned into a Camden piss up. Was that me singing along to Bob Marley in the Oxford Arms at 1A.M? Yes, I’m afraid it was. Who was that falling off the seat in the Black cab. Yes, I’m afraid that was me too. Guilty as charged. Good fun though (what i can remember)

Last week I was trying to finish off some lyrics while reining in my childish desire to go sledging! The band will be getting together for some gigs at the end of the Month. We’re also doing a couple of gigs in Madrid in February. Perhaps we’ll even finish the album before Easter.

Got to go now and watch the darts final. Rock and roll. Oh Yes

Jez x

Happy New Year!

Hello everybody and best wishes for the Year ahead. My resolutions were to 1. Stop making resolutions i won’t keep and 2. Update the diary more regularly as the rest of the band don’t seem to have any lives worth boring you about.

My hangover from the New Year is receding like hair and I’m packing my bag for a trip to Spain to see my father who is a matador. Christmas was the usual round of family get togethers and excessive drinking. Most of it was spent in York where the beer flows like water. New Year was spent in the east end of London. I was dressed as Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins and I was only narrowly beaten in the Jellied eel wrestling by Henry Cooper. My drink of the night has to go to the Tequila and Champagne slammer, a drink so powerful that you can’t remember who you are moments after drinking it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I want to hear the best New Year Resolutions on The Chat board

Best wishes

Jez x