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Happy New Year!

Hello everybody and best wishes for the Year ahead. My resolutions were to 1. Stop making resolutions i won’t keep and 2. Update the diary more regularly as the rest of the band don’t seem to have any lives worth boring you about.

My hangover from the New Year is receding like hair and I’m packing my bag for a trip to Spain to see my father who is a matador. Christmas was the usual round of family get togethers and excessive drinking. Most of it was spent in York where the beer flows like water. New Year was spent in the east end of London. I was dressed as Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins and I was only narrowly beaten in the Jellied eel wrestling by Henry Cooper. My drink of the night has to go to the Tequila and Champagne slammer, a drink so powerful that you can’t remember who you are moments after drinking it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I want to hear the best New Year Resolutions on The Chat board

Best wishes

Jez x