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Sunday bloody sunday

Sundays eh? Sandwiches, relatives, antiques roadshow, sprouts. I woke up this sunday without a hangover for the first time since 1989 (i started drinking very young) What a strange experience it was. Still as boring but without the headache. I’ve been listening to some new CD’s (The Pernice Brothers and Nada Surf, since you ask)

My New Year’s health kick was going well until Friday when a friends birthday turned into a Camden piss up. Was that me singing along to Bob Marley in the Oxford Arms at 1A.M? Yes, I’m afraid it was. Who was that falling off the seat in the Black cab. Yes, I’m afraid that was me too. Guilty as charged. Good fun though (what i can remember)

Last week I was trying to finish off some lyrics while reining in my childish desire to go sledging! The band will be getting together for some gigs at the end of the Month. We’re also doing a couple of gigs in Madrid in February. Perhaps we’ll even finish the album before Easter.

Got to go now and watch the darts final. Rock and roll. Oh Yes

Jez x