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I’m tired!

Good morning everybody! I hope you’re feeling more awake than me. The world is carpeted white. Even the tower blocks look bearable. My throat hurts this morning, as do my aching muscles. Really enjoyed the gig last night but didn’t enjoy loading in a blizzard. I was to red-bulled up when I got in so watched the open University in the early hours and pondered the deep questions of the universe: why can’t scientists dress well? Was it a scientist who invented the classic ‘ beard without moustache?’

Today I’m meeting up with the French label who are putting Moustache out in France. The label boss is a really cool guy. We’ll be on the same label as the brilliant Cotton Mather in France which warms the cockles somewhat.

Hope you enjoy the snow. It always looks better to me through the windows of a pub….tonight perhaps…

Oh, By the way, our ex-drummer Tom has a single out this week on Fierce Panda. His band is called Repairman and the single is called Smiling White Noise. I love it and you will too if you like wierdy acoustic loopy Gomezesque hook filled flights of fancy…..

If we all bought it, it might get in the charts and he could afford to buy me that pint he owes me!