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Meanwhile back in Blighty..

So here I am, good morning everyone. I’m sitting in front of the computer munching on some almond thins and planning the day of farrah based activity. Meeting the photographer later who did a great job of hiding the bags under my eyes and then I’m sending some stuff to our french label for our imminent release. It seems like our fantastic time in Spain was a long time ago, and we’re all feeling the pressure to deliver the album….

We go back in the studio on Monday to mix ‘School Disco’ and ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ which will be fun. I’m messing around with ‘Wake Up’ today as it sounds very ‘Def Leppard’ (a good thing?!)

Look out for some photos from Madrid on the site soon eh Web Monkey?

Keep on Rocking.

P.S the ‘Nada Surf’ album is very good…

Madrid Rocked!

Just wanted to tell you all that our Valentine’s jaunt to Madrid was a great success. The gigs were great, the audience mad for it and we were looked after in fine style by Santi, Mayte and Pablo. The album has been selling really well and we’re hoping to go back again in May. Since we got back we’ve been busy recording, mixing and watching ‘Bargain Hunt’. We had some more band shots taken tonight which was fun, we’ll post the results soon BEWARE.

A remarkable discovery!

I wake up to prove my theory that there is a connection between ‘beer’ and ‘Hangover’ The day is spent slouching around a sunny Madrid and having a fantastic lunch with Pablo (our wonderful label boss).

The gig is at the same venue tonight and we’re generally more up for it. We go on at 11.30pm and finish our set sometime the next morning! The crowd are fantastic and keep demanding more encores and we sell a whole load of albums.

Tonight after the gig we’re a bit more sensible and only get shit-faced ’til 3AM!

We’ve had such a lovely time and have made some real friends in Madrid that we’re very sorry to leave

Back to the cold reality of London tomorrow…BOOOOO WAHH

Get ready to rock

A very knackered Farrah arrive in Madrid in the morning after rehearsing the night before and now being awake for over 24 hours (sorry, no photos were taken) Spirits immediately soar at the sight of sunshine and Santi Campos who picks us up from the airport and takes us to the Hilton (ahem). After a small bottle of wine and a siesta we head down to the venue which we love. It’s small, sweaty and very rockandroll (or is that Michelle?).

We are supported by The Winnerys who are a very technically proficient and Beatlesesque Madrid based band. It’s soon time for us to down the Red Bull and Rock hard.

It’s a knackering gig after a long day, but the crowd and the Caffiene keep us going. Totally exhausted, we retire to the ‘Moloko’ until 4am. This is a great bar with really cool music and a good vibe.

Good night

About bloody time

Def Leppard eat your heart out. 3 Years since it was first started and finally sounds from the next album are emerging from Farrah HQ. MP3’s of some of the new songs are here!

Greetings from Yorkshire

Just thought I’d say high from grey, rainy Yorkshire where I’ve escaped for the weekend. Hope you all have fun!

Aggggh, it’s too early

I can’t believe I’ve been hard at work for an hour on the album. I’m spending the day replacing guitar parts on Daytime T.V as the parts i’d already recorded sounded…what’s the technical word…SHIT. We’re mixing tonight so I’d better get a move on. I hope you all had a great weekend.

It’s hard work being a perfectionist when technically my hands don’t want to play the right chords.

We hope to have some new tracks for you to hear on the website soon. I’ll have to bribe the webmonkey with some nuts.