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Get ready to rock

A very knackered Farrah arrive in Madrid in the morning after rehearsing the night before and now being awake for over 24 hours (sorry, no photos were taken) Spirits immediately soar at the sight of sunshine and Santi Campos who picks us up from the airport and takes us to the Hilton (ahem). After a small bottle of wine and a siesta we head down to the venue which we love. It’s small, sweaty and very rockandroll (or is that Michelle?).

We are supported by The Winnerys who are a very technically proficient and Beatlesesque Madrid based band. It’s soon time for us to down the Red Bull and Rock hard.

It’s a knackering gig after a long day, but the crowd and the Caffiene keep us going. Totally exhausted, we retire to the ‘Moloko’ until 4am. This is a great bar with really cool music and a good vibe.

Good night