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Meanwhile back in Blighty..

So here I am, good morning everyone. I’m sitting in front of the computer munching on some almond thins and planning the day of farrah based activity. Meeting the photographer later who did a great job of hiding the bags under my eyes and then I’m sending some stuff to our french label for our imminent release. It seems like our fantastic time in Spain was a long time ago, and we’re all feeling the pressure to deliver the album….

We go back in the studio on Monday to mix ‘School Disco’ and ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ which will be fun. I’m messing around with ‘Wake Up’ today as it sounds very ‘Def Leppard’ (a good thing?!)

Look out for some photos from Madrid on the site soon eh Web Monkey?

Keep on Rocking.

P.S the ‘Nada Surf’ album is very good…