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Saturday again

Hello folks! Sorry I haven’t been exposing my innermost thoughts and pearls of wisdom for a while, I’ve been a busy bee. So…Well….I must have some big news like THE ALBUM’S FINISHED….well nearly. We’re off into the studio over the next couple of weeks to finish off some stuff. I’m sitting at home, overlooking the tower blocks and trying to write some lyrics. The recipe for inspiration is all in evidence.

Massive hangover (tick), Greasy spoon slowly digesting (tick) nothing much on telly (tick). By tonight i’m sure the lines will be chopped into shape…I mean lyrical lines obviously, not the Bolivian marching powder type of lines.

I’m trying to finish off a song about the guy at the insurance company who wouldn’t give us our money when our gear got stolen (who will remain nameless). The song’s called ‘Nigel’s got it coming’!

well I suppose i’d better sharpen the pencil of doom. Please post any lyrical ideas you have on the chat board. If they’re good I’ll plagiarise them and claim the glory….