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Next Farrah Gig



Jez & Mike

Jez & Mike

Big Mike





The next chance to see Farrah is on Thursday May 15th at The Verge, Kentish Town. The band will be on Stage at 9.15.

See you there!


Hi everybody. I’m reorganising my studio today. Beyond tedious although I’m still quite excited by the smell of my cordless drill..mmm. Today I’ve been listening to The Cars anthology. Godlike it is. Also on my stereo this week are Nada Surf, Phantom Planet and Pete Yorn. Tonight I’m going to the pub to see hilarious East End Frank Sinatra Impersonators. Priceless

Have a good weekend

Jez xx

More MP3s!

Tea Boy

Big Room!

Big Desk!

2 new songs have been added to the MP3 page. “Hopelessly Devoted” and “This Is My Life” were both played lastnight and will be on the next album. Check out these snippets and let us know what you think in the Chat Room


Mike's Final Rehearsal 1

Final Rehearsal 2

Thanks to everybody who came to see the band at the Barfly last night. Farrah performed no less than 7 songs from the new album! A good time was had by all. The band go back into the studio soon to finish off more tracks for the new album. We hear rumours of a september 2003 release….

Happy Easter

Well, the sun is out so everyone in London has forgotten they’re meant to be miserable for a few days. As for Farrah, we have an amazing knack for booking studio time when the forecast is sun, sun and more sun. It’s hard being a whining singer with a chip on your shoulder in this heat. I’m sure it won’t last….rain rain..

We’ve been hard at work this week recording a song called ‘This Is My Life’ (not to be confused with the T.V programme ‘This is Your life’ which features Michael Aspel celebrating the lives of ‘celebrities’ i’ve never heard of).

We’re all really looking forward to playing the Barfly on Tuesday. We’re all really frustrated that we can’t do more shows around the U.K but we have to get this album finished. We will come up north, east and west in the summer.

We’re still thinking of album titles but the favourite seems to be ‘Love is a Radio’ at the moment. I assure you that it will be worth the wait. It’s bigger, faster, fatter and altogether a better album than Moustache…

I hope you’re all going to have a great Easter. I intend to spend my time in Local parks and Off licences. I hope the Easter bunny brings you many gifts

Hopefully see you at the gig

Jez xx

Barly Flyer

Rehearsal 1

Rehearsal 2

Rehearsal 3

White Horse 1

White Horse 2

White Horse 3

Download a flyer for next Tuesday’s gig here. Print this off, bring it with you and you’ll get in cheaper!

The excellent band “the Vessels” are supporting, with Farrah on stage at 10pm.

Yes, we know it’s yet another London show, but the band are promising a proper UK tour during the summer to promote the new album!

Where’s the hangover?

Good afternoon folks, I’d just like to ascertain which one of you has my hangover? I definitely ordered one. I mixed grape and grain, started drinking at lunchtime and carried on into the early hours (carefully making sure i didn’t drink ANY water) but I seem to be unscathed. Is this a good sign or a bad sign. Oh God….perhaps i’m still drunk.

London Gig

Farrah headline the Barfly Club at the Monarch, Chalk farm Rd Camden, London NW1 on Tuesday April 22nd. A downloadable flyer will be on the site soon!