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Like running a marathon…..

Our last day in protools today mixing the final tracks for the album! It’s incredible to think how long this has all taken……

Post soon. See yoou in France?

Jez xx

And another…

Pizza Express

The Support

…new song ticked off the list and added to the mp3 page – “The One That Got Away“.

It’s not all rock and roll you know….

Sometimes being in a and and recording an album involves sitting in a darkened room, eating low quality fried food and putting tambourines in time! I looked at the calendar today and realised that the album is meant to be finished this week…oops. Well it’s nearly finished…nearly. I’ve been moonlighting this week selling mercandise for the Cooper Temple Cause at the Astoria. It was a good laugh actually. My good friend Robbie is their production manager and asked if i’d do it at te last minute. Not bad to see a gig, get pissed and get paid for it. As for the profusion of interesting hairstyles at the aftershow….

Oh, Will Young (the singing chimp) was at our rehearsal room yesterday. By a accounts he’s a realy nice guy, just don’t invite him round for a tea party. I’m not jealous of his Million selling singles, flash Merc and gold plated tyre to swing on…honest!