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Studio webcam is on today!

As the band put the final touches to “me too” they have figured out how to rig up the webcam again.

Tune in for gripping slow-mo action of Michelle singing, Andy playing double bass or, if you’re really lucky, Jez at a computer. Sadly it’s too late to catch Posh Mike putting down his trombone parts.

Nearly at the finish..

Hello everyone! Enjoying the sun are we? Well I’m back from Spain fully rested. I even managed to find tapas that didn’t contain fish or meat! It was Aubergine…. Oh well, the beer was cheap.

We’re in a state of high excitement here as we’re going to ‘master’ the album next week. We’re doing it at the Townhouse (very snazzy studio with big knobs). This is the exciting bit when a boffin in a white coat plays the tracks through speakers that cost more than a house and says things like; “ Well, its a bit sibilant and I think we should add some air and tighten up the bottom end” He then turns some big knobs and fiddles with machines with lots of flashing lights and hands us a bill for silly money. We’ve still got a couple of loose ends to tie up first and a couple of mixes to do.

I’ve recently discovered how often I say ‘Me Too’. It must be a good sign. It looks likely that we’ll release ‘Daytime TV’ as a first single and we’re even hoping to shoot a video for it. Watch this space!

See you later.

P.S. I bet you sometimes wonder why the rest of the band never adds to the diary…. ME TOO.

Bob Harris

As debuted on Bob’s BBC Radio2 show last saturday, “First and Last” has now been added to the mp3 page.

Gretings from Spain

Hola! Greetings from sunny Almeria. It’s hot here, ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen’ hot. It’s a tough schedule of sunbathing, swimming, boozing and the eternal quest for vegetarian tapas. I’ve managed to avoid the ‘fried brains’ and ‘pigs tails’ but have mostly been eating olives. The guitar has been strummed but nothing written as yet. We’ve got a third album to deliver by 2006…

I’ve been visiting my beautiful niece Polly and family. She’s three months old and already cries when I play the guitar (weeping at its beauty I suspect). I’d better go, it’s time to head to the beach.

Bye for now


The Sun has got his hat on…

About bloody time too! Greetings from Andy’s palatial studio in the heart of London Town. Today we are mostly recording trombone… I kid you not. Posh Mike blew a ‘mean horn’ at public school and has been limbering up for his moment of glory. We’re working on a track called ‘Half as strong’ which shows the band’s mellower side. It’s a busy old week with the band. The gigs in France were a blast. We got a chance to showcase some new tunes as well as whizzing through the tracks on Moustache. Our label in France we’re fantastic and treated us really well. They also took us for some really fantastic scran (slang for food where we come from) and we even went up the Seine on a cruise. Tres Bien! We loved Paris and are looking forward to going back there. It was great to see Jen and Danni at the gigs too.

Hope all is well with all you out there

Lots of love

Jez x