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Nearly at the finish..

Hello everyone! Enjoying the sun are we? Well I’m back from Spain fully rested. I even managed to find tapas that didn’t contain fish or meat! It was Aubergine…. Oh well, the beer was cheap.

We’re in a state of high excitement here as we’re going to ‘master’ the album next week. We’re doing it at the Townhouse (very snazzy studio with big knobs). This is the exciting bit when a boffin in a white coat plays the tracks through speakers that cost more than a house and says things like; “ Well, its a bit sibilant and I think we should add some air and tighten up the bottom end” He then turns some big knobs and fiddles with machines with lots of flashing lights and hands us a bill for silly money. We’ve still got a couple of loose ends to tie up first and a couple of mixes to do.

I’ve recently discovered how often I say ‘Me Too’. It must be a good sign. It looks likely that we’ll release ‘Daytime TV’ as a first single and we’re even hoping to shoot a video for it. Watch this space!

See you later.

P.S. I bet you sometimes wonder why the rest of the band never adds to the diary…. ME TOO.