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Nuts In May

Hello and all that, sorry. I should be updating this diary more often. Unfortunately my life isn’t as exciting as Adrian Mole’s. Today I’m packing my rucksack for a weekend in t’ Yorkshire Dales. A holiday? Yes, even though my whole life is one long holiday of touring, drug taking and swarms of groupies I’ve decided to go and stay with my good friend (and ex Farrah bassist) Mike Walker. He hires a cottage in the heart of Yorkshire for a weekend every Year and we mostly play scrabble and go orienteering, yeah right!

It’s a strange feeling when you’ve finished your album. You go home, play it a few times and then…….wait…..We’re waiting to see who wants to put it out in the U.K. All we want is a Lear Jet with a crew of highly trained badgers in return.

I heartily recommend that you listen to Bob Harris’s show this Saturday night on Radio Two. Apparently he’s going to play some more tracks off the new album. Bob has supported the band since the very beginning and his show is the best thing on Radio.

I also recommend you go and buy ‘Welcome Interstate Managers’ the brilliant new album from Fountains Of Wayne. Any band with the lyric “I saw you talking to Christopher Walken, on my TV screen” deserves success.

Well, I’d better get back to my packing…..where’s that flask……