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Felicitations from Felipop

Hello from Jez, I presume all you good people who’ve been waiting for your exam results are now out celebrating or drowning your sorrows!

We’ve just got back from sunny Galicia. This has got to be the most beautiful part of Spain we’ve visited. We were playing the Felipop festival with a few of a label mates from Rock Indiana. The weekend was brilliant fun (only marred by the fact our stage time was 3am!) The Festival was brilliantly organised and the hotel was spitting distance from the beach. I’m sure if you ask nicely the Web monkey will put some photos on the site . Ah, the rock and Roll lifestyle.

Now we’re back home we’re organising a very special gig night at the Water Rats (near Kings Cross) for the middle of October. Bob Harris has been playing tracks from the new album on his Saturday evening show on Radio Two, thanks Bob. Got to go and top up my tan…