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Gran Canaria

Big Stage!



nice stack


What a weekend! Hello everyone, I just thought I’d write a quick note about the festival we played in Gran Canaria at the weekend. We all had the BEST time thanks to the organisational skills and friendliness of Frank, Carlos and Juan. The festival was fantastic with about 4000 people getting drunk in the town square. Big stage, great lights, fantastic crowd and Santi Campos making sure we were all O.K.

We love rock and roll

Jez x

P.S I’m sure webmonkey will put up some photos

Back in Blighty

Hola, Bonjour… where am I? Back in London. It’s colder here than when I left to play the first Montana show in Madrid at the beginning of the month, but knowing we’re off to the Canary Islands at the end of the week takes the chill off the air.

Once again, touring around Spain was great. Santi Campos, the King of Spain (as coined by Paul Scott, and a chocolate maker who produces a coin with Santi’s likeness on it…) made sure we had a great time. Going above and beyond the call of duty, Santi made sure we were always up on time, fed and caffeinated and in the tour van enroute to the next gig. He even tried his hardest to shield me from the smoked legs of ham that seemed to adorn every restaurant/tapas bar/hotel/museum in Spain (yes, that’s right – there’s a chain called ‘Museum of Ham’ that Paul called ‘Piggy Auschwitz’, a term insists he didn’t plagiarise from Tim!). But aside from the food issues, Spain seems to be Farrah’s ‘spiritual’ homeland and we loved playing there. Everyone made us feel so welcome.

We had a ball touring with the Montana boys – the Aussies, Paul, Tim and Patrick, kept the Brits amused with their witty banter and ‘ixcellant’ accents, and the Farrah boys kept the Montana lads in smirks with their bummer jokes and toilet humour. Oh how nothing changes. Farrah were so impressed with the stylish dress sense of the antipodeans that we all adopted matching shirts in an attempt to get a little Montana chic… sadly we all just looked like a bowling team, especially me in my too-short skirt and oversized t-shirt.

Oh, and let’s not forget Dylan – the tour photographer. Haven’t seen any shots yet but if his Santa sack full of rolls of film is anything to go by, I can’t wait to see the tour in all its glory.

Anyway, I for one miss the Montana boys and am urging them to give up living in sunny Austopia and move to grim Britannia, but somehow I think they’ll give it a miss. Paul, Tim and Pat – thanks for a great tour. Hope we can do it again soon.

Anyway, Paris as always, was Paris – cool, chic and very measured, but we rocked like banshees and had a good time. Home now and back to the grind. Oh, until the Canary Islands on Friday… It’s a hard life.

See you at the next gig. Feel free to come rock out at Gran Canaria!

Mish xx

On the way to Burgos

Hello all, well here we are again trapped in an overloaded van enroute to another venue. It’s a wonderfully warm day in Madrid and we’ve spent the morning spending.

We played the Moby Dick last night. This is probably the best sounding venue on the tour and it was rammed. We were supported by The Nominees who are a Spanish band on the same label as us. They were very good in a folky whimsical way. It was a shame I couldn’t understand the Spanish lyrics (although my Spanish is slowly improving beyond a basic understanding of beverages and swear words). We played for an hour and played most of ‘Me Too’ and ‘Moustache’. The audience were singing along with the songs and there were a few familiar faces from last time we played in Madrid. Our label seemed really pleased which pleased us.

We’re past the half way point of the tour now. It’s amazing how quickly it’s flown by. We still miss the Montana boys. It was a really good laugh playing with them. Tonight we’re supported by The Winnerys. They are a 4-piece band from Madrid who are heavily influenced by The Beatles. They sing in English and even have a Liverpudlian twang to their voices! Their album has just come out in Spain and is picking up some airplay and they’re really lovely people. There doesn’t seem to be as much inter-band rivalry in Spain as in the U.K which is as refreshing as it’s disconcerting. It’s probably because no band is as good as us…..

By the way, I must apologise for my food rant yesterday. We all had great vege food for lunch today.

Let’s see how we fare tonight in Burgos.

Read a great Peter Kay joke today;

“I was doing some decorating so I got my step ladder out, I don’t get on very well with my real ladder.” Priceless.

bluewaptoothed tiger

Modern technology eh? I’m writing this from the front seat of a van hurtling through the Spanish countryside. Woke up in a strange hotel room with Santi Campos (our tour manager) and felt strangely devoid of hangover. I gradually realised I was on tour. This is how most days start. The shower in the bathroom looked tame but spurted water with unnatural and unexpected force. I ended up having to wrestle it as you would a snake. I managed to subdue it and flood the bathroom at the same time. I needed a café solo.

The night before we played in a hamlet called Liergardes that looked like a Mexican film set. We quickly gathered it was the kind of village where a crowd would gather to watch two pigs fighting. The place was about 300 miles and 200 years away from Madrid. The venue was remarkable for having the toilets behind the stage. It was quite amusing to have to choreograph your guitar solo so it didn’t hinder anyone on route for a shit. Luckily the bar sold Guinness and a small but enthusiastic crowd gathered to hear us play. We sold a shedload of albums and went down really well so all in all it was well worth the journey.

I wish we had more success on the vegetarian food front. Cantabria seems to be a region in mortal fear of vegetables. The only ones we spotted had been boiled to death. Vegans come here to die. Michelle is surviving on a diet of sidre (cider, yes I’m fluent in Spanish beverages) and vitamins. This is carne country. We stopped for lunch at a roadside caff today and I was assured that the soup was vegetable and had no meat or fish in it. When it arrived it had very small pieces of ham in it. Surely even a strict vegetarian couldn’t begrudge a wafer thin piece of ham? I looked jealously at Mike’s ‘lamb cooked in its own tears’

Vege Cuisine aside, Spain is such a varied and beautiful country it’s brilliant to have a chance to see so much of it. Madrid is really growing on me. This is my fourth time in the capital and I get to know the city a bit more each time. Obviously it helps that the weather’s great and we’re looked after so wonderful by our record label that is based here.

Tonight we’re playing the Moby Dick club in Madrid which we’ve got really high hopes for. The sound there is brilliant and it’s a stage we can throw some shapes on. The only downside is a culinary one (I’m sorry but being on tour means you end up obsessing about food). The only restaurant near the venue is an Italian called Pinocchio’s. A fitting name as they tell you the food is good and then it arrives.

Our current favourite van game is finding film titles that you can insert the names of breeds of dogs into. Andy came up with ‘The Man With The Golden Retriever’ which amused us all tremendously. We’re hardly Aerosmith I know.

************Water Rats**************

Farrah play The Water Rats Theatre, Grays Inn Rd, London WC1 on Monday October 13th. Doors are at 8pm, support comes from Emma Wilson and Farrah will be on Stage at 9.30

Downloada flyer for £4 entry HERE.

The band are currently on tour in Spain and France, check out the Diary page for the latest gossip.

I need to sleep.


Hello everybody! We´re in Madrid today and we´re having a day off. We played Castellon last night at an incredible club called the Ricoamor which is run by an impressively big haired guy called Alex. This was a real rock and roll club and Montana ROCKED! This was the last night of the tour for the Aussies and they finished on a high. We had a great gig too (fuelled by vodka) and we ended the night with Michelle fronting ´Fartana¨ a supergroup specialising in badly played Blondie covers. After that it´s a bit of a blur, Mexican food, Beer with Tequila in, Tequila Slammers and a ´National Anthem singing Competition´ which ended in a discordant draw. I have vague memories of everyone dancing in the Octopussy club resplendent in Our free Ricamor T shirts. A great time was had by all and there were a few tears today at Madrid Airport when the guys left. The van seems awfully big without them.

Tomorrow we head off again, where? only Santi Campos knows……

We´ll be posting some photos later


montana rock madrid

So here we are in Spain again. What a truely magnificent country this is. The Spaniards really know good music when they here it! Barcelona was merely a warm up for what was a triumphant return to Valencia lastnight. We played a comedy shambolic set to a full house crowd. A great time was had by all.

As always our TM (“tour manager”) Santi “Kings Of Spain” Campos is taking paternal care of us like the spoilt kids we are. How this man manages to keep 8 tortured artistes in check, in the bus and on time with no sleep and still keep smiling we’ll never know. I can see this tour is going to be a belter.