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I need to sleep.


Hello everybody! We´re in Madrid today and we´re having a day off. We played Castellon last night at an incredible club called the Ricoamor which is run by an impressively big haired guy called Alex. This was a real rock and roll club and Montana ROCKED! This was the last night of the tour for the Aussies and they finished on a high. We had a great gig too (fuelled by vodka) and we ended the night with Michelle fronting ´Fartana¨ a supergroup specialising in badly played Blondie covers. After that it´s a bit of a blur, Mexican food, Beer with Tequila in, Tequila Slammers and a ´National Anthem singing Competition´ which ended in a discordant draw. I have vague memories of everyone dancing in the Octopussy club resplendent in Our free Ricamor T shirts. A great time was had by all and there were a few tears today at Madrid Airport when the guys left. The van seems awfully big without them.

Tomorrow we head off again, where? only Santi Campos knows……

We´ll be posting some photos later