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bluewaptoothed tiger

Modern technology eh? I’m writing this from the front seat of a van hurtling through the Spanish countryside. Woke up in a strange hotel room with Santi Campos (our tour manager) and felt strangely devoid of hangover. I gradually realised I was on tour. This is how most days start. The shower in the bathroom looked tame but spurted water with unnatural and unexpected force. I ended up having to wrestle it as you would a snake. I managed to subdue it and flood the bathroom at the same time. I needed a café solo.

The night before we played in a hamlet called Liergardes that looked like a Mexican film set. We quickly gathered it was the kind of village where a crowd would gather to watch two pigs fighting. The place was about 300 miles and 200 years away from Madrid. The venue was remarkable for having the toilets behind the stage. It was quite amusing to have to choreograph your guitar solo so it didn’t hinder anyone on route for a shit. Luckily the bar sold Guinness and a small but enthusiastic crowd gathered to hear us play. We sold a shedload of albums and went down really well so all in all it was well worth the journey.

I wish we had more success on the vegetarian food front. Cantabria seems to be a region in mortal fear of vegetables. The only ones we spotted had been boiled to death. Vegans come here to die. Michelle is surviving on a diet of sidre (cider, yes I’m fluent in Spanish beverages) and vitamins. This is carne country. We stopped for lunch at a roadside caff today and I was assured that the soup was vegetable and had no meat or fish in it. When it arrived it had very small pieces of ham in it. Surely even a strict vegetarian couldn’t begrudge a wafer thin piece of ham? I looked jealously at Mike’s ‘lamb cooked in its own tears’

Vege Cuisine aside, Spain is such a varied and beautiful country it’s brilliant to have a chance to see so much of it. Madrid is really growing on me. This is my fourth time in the capital and I get to know the city a bit more each time. Obviously it helps that the weather’s great and we’re looked after so wonderful by our record label that is based here.

Tonight we’re playing the Moby Dick club in Madrid which we’ve got really high hopes for. The sound there is brilliant and it’s a stage we can throw some shapes on. The only downside is a culinary one (I’m sorry but being on tour means you end up obsessing about food). The only restaurant near the venue is an Italian called Pinocchio’s. A fitting name as they tell you the food is good and then it arrives.

Our current favourite van game is finding film titles that you can insert the names of breeds of dogs into. Andy came up with ‘The Man With The Golden Retriever’ which amused us all tremendously. We’re hardly Aerosmith I know.