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On the way to Burgos

Hello all, well here we are again trapped in an overloaded van enroute to another venue. It’s a wonderfully warm day in Madrid and we’ve spent the morning spending.

We played the Moby Dick last night. This is probably the best sounding venue on the tour and it was rammed. We were supported by The Nominees who are a Spanish band on the same label as us. They were very good in a folky whimsical way. It was a shame I couldn’t understand the Spanish lyrics (although my Spanish is slowly improving beyond a basic understanding of beverages and swear words). We played for an hour and played most of ‘Me Too’ and ‘Moustache’. The audience were singing along with the songs and there were a few familiar faces from last time we played in Madrid. Our label seemed really pleased which pleased us.

We’re past the half way point of the tour now. It’s amazing how quickly it’s flown by. We still miss the Montana boys. It was a really good laugh playing with them. Tonight we’re supported by The Winnerys. They are a 4-piece band from Madrid who are heavily influenced by The Beatles. They sing in English and even have a Liverpudlian twang to their voices! Their album has just come out in Spain and is picking up some airplay and they’re really lovely people. There doesn’t seem to be as much inter-band rivalry in Spain as in the U.K which is as refreshing as it’s disconcerting. It’s probably because no band is as good as us…..

By the way, I must apologise for my food rant yesterday. We all had great vege food for lunch today.

Let’s see how we fare tonight in Burgos.

Read a great Peter Kay joke today;

“I was doing some decorating so I got my step ladder out, I don’t get on very well with my real ladder.” Priceless.