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Happy 2004

Happy New Year folks! It’s Jez here with another sporadic diary entry.I hope you all had a good Christmas. I did except for being in York Casualty on Christmas day with a suspected collapsed lung! I used to get these quite a lot when I was a gangly teen, so much that I had a big operation and an even bigger scar. In fact, this was what convinced me to become a musician in the first place. I originally wanted to be an all England Badminton champion. While I was convalescing my dad bought me a little keyboard and the rest is history. Anyway, The lung wasn’t to bad this Christmas, not bad enough to keep me out of the pub anyway! New Year was spent in Sheffield dancing and drinking til dawn. Since then I’ve been writing new songs for the next album. What’s happening at the moment I hear you cry? Well, we’re organising our first (and hopefully not last) trip to Japan in February. The albums been selling pretty well and there’s a lot to organise and we’re all very excited. I’m flying out a week early so I can do some exploring. Where to go? Gulp. There’s such a lot to cram in.

Kyoto? Mt Fuji? I’d better get organised. This week I’ve mostly been watching darts but tomorrow I’m writing with a really successful songwriter who’s had lots of hits so hopefully I’ll learn something. Hope to see you at our gig on the 2nd of Feb at the Water Rats!

Lots of love