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hey, my life IS duller than yours!

Hello, it’s a very hungover Jez here with tales of rock and roll. Actually I haven’t been very rock and roll at all. I did drink a stupid amount last night and talked a lot of bollocks which is always worth doing.

My favourite hangover cure besides going to the pub is a liverish walk down to the Thames and low quality fried food. none of these worked today unfortunately.

The highlight of my month has been the arrival of an antique reed organ which makes the most fantastic sounds. I’ve written a song for the next album on it called ‘everyone knows it but you’ which has more than a slight nod to the Beach Boys. I’ve been listening through some old cassettes of song ideas and weeding out all the crap ones and the inaudible late night drunken ones.

Andy and our manager Will are working hard on the video for Tongue Tied which we’re releasing as a single in the U.K.

watch this space…