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somewhere over the rainbow….

fashion sense

weigh a pie. Well I know I’m in Tennessee not Kansas but there’s been a tornado forecast tonight!

pretty scary. Perhaps I’m already in the land of Oz. Andy C updating the diary page?! Good work Mr Campbell

A strange synchronicity in the air with two of the band in Oz, and myself in danger of getting transported to Oz via tornado….

perhaps it’s just me.

It’s memorial weekend in the States this weekend so the whole of Nashville is in Party mood. I’ve been writing today but have also had time to meet a few songwriter guys at a friend’s house.

O.K I got a bit drunk

hope all of you are having a great weekend.

Howdy y’all from Nashville!

Catford Stadium

Studying the Form

The Winner

Collecting the Winnings!

Hello, it’s Jez here I’m sitting on a porch outside my friend Kim’s house in Nashville. Mmm, humming birds are humming and it’s hot and sweaty and I’m drinking fine coffee and strumming a guitar.

I’m in the States to do some song writing so check out the diary page for updates over the next couple of weeks.

We’re all going on a…


The Stage


Le Fou du Roi

This is not Jez for a change! He’s jetted off on a plane to Nashville for a few weeks to learn lap steel and work on his mullet.

We had a wierd 24 hours in Paris. A 6am start for an 8.30am sound check for an 11am radio gig. We got there to find that not only was the studio *huge* but that there was a studio audience of several hundred! And we had come dressed for radio. oh well. We played a paricularly loud version of “Daytime TV” and a piano-accompanied version of “Different for Girls” to several million french radio listeners. After lunch with the French record label it was back on the train to blighty. All over too soon.

Michelle and I are off to Australia for most of June to hang out with Montana and enjoy the antipodean winter. So all will be quiet in the Farrah camp ’till we re-group in July to work on some new songs and promote “Me Too” finally being released in the UK (currently scheduled for september). So hopefully we’ll finally get another full UK tour off the ground! See you on the road….



Hello Campers

Good afternoon everybody, I trust you’re having a wonderful weekend. As usual, it’s a diary entry from me as the other members of the band can never be arsed to update this page (or even upload some new photos).

Needless to say I’m suffering from a mild hangover. I’ve spent most of the last week writing songs for other people and trying to finish off some Farrah lyrics for our mini album. The band is taking all of June off as we’re all off to far flung parts of the world. I’m going to Nashville to dip my toe into the world of Country writing which I’m really excited about. I wonder if I’ll be able to write about porches?

The band are going to Paris next weekend for a Radio session. Me Too is due for French release later on this year so it’s a chance for us to familiarise French listeners with our brand of Powerpop. Can’t wait.

Hope you’re all nursing enormous hangovers as well

ta ta for now


Back from Madrid….

Happy Sunday everybody, I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I’m still recovering from Madrid. My neck is extremely sore from headbanging so much at the gig. It was really special to be invited to be part of our label’s 10th anniversary party.

We arrived in Madrid on Thursday and basically spent the day chilling out. Will, our manager took us out for some great Tapas in the evening and then we popped in to a party full of Madrid’s glitterati (Beckham wasn’t there).

On Friday we did a live session ‘Radio Tres’ (I hope you can translate this for me) which is Spain’s equivalent of Radio two here. We did live acoustic versions of Give an Inch and First and Last. Next stop was Fnac records which is like Madrid’s Tower Records store. We performed an in-store 6 song acoustic set to a packed audience who consisted of Farrah fans and old people who saw the words ‘free’ and ‘sit down’ and got excited.

The gig at El Sol that night was really good. We were supported by Bonbones (who were really good in Teenage Fanclub/Supergrass way, and Guru Deva who were a bit more country rock tinged.We played for 45 minutes and finished the set with a new song called Can’t Do Right (for doing wrong) which didn’t sound as shambolic as I thought it would.

All in all it was a great trip and fantastic to catch up with our friends Pablo, Santi and Mayte.

Plans are to go back to Spain and tour later in the Year. Rock And Roll sucks?.NOT.

terminal velocity

Hey folks, just got back from terminal studios where we’ve been working on new tracks for our forthcoming mini album which is due for japanese release later on this year. It was great fun to be working on new songs. We’ll be putting up some photo’s(andy?) so you can see what we’re up to. I’m sipping a glass of wine looking forward to a few more days of hard work (with lots of curry). Hope you’re all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend in a suitably inebriated fashion.

Thanks for the comments on the Video. It was brilliant having such a huge budget and watching all the O.B (outside broadcast) trucks block the traffic in one of Tokyo’s busiest squares. I wish i had a runner getting my tea and coffee every day….

brilliant editing by Frank Reebie, I look almost human!