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Back from Madrid….

Happy Sunday everybody, I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I’m still recovering from Madrid. My neck is extremely sore from headbanging so much at the gig. It was really special to be invited to be part of our label’s 10th anniversary party.

We arrived in Madrid on Thursday and basically spent the day chilling out. Will, our manager took us out for some great Tapas in the evening and then we popped in to a party full of Madrid’s glitterati (Beckham wasn’t there).

On Friday we did a live session ‘Radio Tres’ (I hope you can translate this for me) which is Spain’s equivalent of Radio two here. We did live acoustic versions of Give an Inch and First and Last. Next stop was Fnac records which is like Madrid’s Tower Records store. We performed an in-store 6 song acoustic set to a packed audience who consisted of Farrah fans and old people who saw the words ‘free’ and ‘sit down’ and got excited.

The gig at El Sol that night was really good. We were supported by Bonbones (who were really good in Teenage Fanclub/Supergrass way, and Guru Deva who were a bit more country rock tinged.We played for 45 minutes and finished the set with a new song called Can’t Do Right (for doing wrong) which didn’t sound as shambolic as I thought it would.

All in all it was a great trip and fantastic to catch up with our friends Pablo, Santi and Mayte.

Plans are to go back to Spain and tour later in the Year. Rock And Roll sucks?.NOT.