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Hello Campers

Good afternoon everybody, I trust you’re having a wonderful weekend. As usual, it’s a diary entry from me as the other members of the band can never be arsed to update this page (or even upload some new photos).

Needless to say I’m suffering from a mild hangover. I’ve spent most of the last week writing songs for other people and trying to finish off some Farrah lyrics for our mini album. The band is taking all of June off as we’re all off to far flung parts of the world. I’m going to Nashville to dip my toe into the world of Country writing which I’m really excited about. I wonder if I’ll be able to write about porches?

The band are going to Paris next weekend for a Radio session. Me Too is due for French release later on this year so it’s a chance for us to familiarise French listeners with our brand of Powerpop. Can’t wait.

Hope you’re all nursing enormous hangovers as well

ta ta for now