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This is not Jez for a change! He’s jetted off on a plane to Nashville for a few weeks to learn lap steel and work on his mullet.

We had a wierd 24 hours in Paris. A 6am start for an 8.30am sound check for an 11am radio gig. We got there to find that not only was the studio *huge* but that there was a studio audience of several hundred! And we had come dressed for radio. oh well. We played a paricularly loud version of “Daytime TV” and a piano-accompanied version of “Different for Girls” to several million french radio listeners. After lunch with the French record label it was back on the train to blighty. All over too soon.

Michelle and I are off to Australia for most of June to hang out with Montana and enjoy the antipodean winter. So all will be quiet in the Farrah camp ’till we re-group in July to work on some new songs and promote “Me Too” finally being released in the UK (currently scheduled for september). So hopefully we’ll finally get another full UK tour off the ground! See you on the road….