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Mel Bun

Apparently, and not Mel-bourne. So here we are, in the middle of Australian winter, freezing our cajones off in Melbourne while there is a heatwave melting the UK. Bloody typical. Luckily we’re heading off to Darwin in the next few days where the temperatures are little more like the unfeasible heat one comes to expect this side of the planet.

Melbourne is pretty cool. It’s kinda like the Camden of Australia. Except the thriving music scene here is driven by passion for music rather than haircuts and whats in fasion at the time (ouch!).

We saw the Montana boys last week who are in fine form and are looking forward to hopefully touring with us in Europe later this year. It’d be great to do a UK tour with them. They played us a fine rendition a Prince song which rocked but was simply too tall.

Pat Montana is in also in Melbourne this weekend so he’s promised to show us whats happening down here. Should be fun.



nashville guitar

Hello everyone, It’s a quick diary entry because I’m on stage in half an hour

Drove to Washington DC today and we’re going to look around after the gig. Being on the road

is always a lot more exciting in a foreign country (i ceased to get goosebumps at M1 Tibshelf services a couple of years ago)

All the food you can eat in this country is alarming. Big portions and cheap too.

My favourite signs i’ve seen by the freeway have been ‘You gotta eat!’ as if people in this country might forget and

‘Pete’s bar, a place to drink’ which kind of states the obvious. The songwriting has been going well too.

I’ll be putting some photos on the site when i get a moment. Hope all of you are enjoying the weekend.

Yee hah!