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Back In Blighty

Well, my jet lag seems to have worn off and I’ve prised my stetson off. I had a weird sense of pride when i got to Gatwick and al the airport staff were surly and unhelpful. I love the U.K. This week we’re doing some rehearsing to get into shape for our Spanish tour. We’re hoping to throw a couple of new songs into the set.

Hope all is good with you all out there

drivin my truck…

is a funny thing. There are lots of huge cars here. i don’t quite understand why you would need a humvee in tennessee just to go shopping.

it’s been a busy old week. I went to see Nick Lowe last night which was great. He’s one of the fathers of powerpop. ‘Cruel to be kind’ is a classic.

For those who don’t know, as well as being an artist in his own right, he produced albums for elvis costello amongst many others. it was a really good gig (even though it was seated)

Wilco were doing an outdoor gig tonight but i couldn’t get there unfortunately.

Today i was writing with a great writer. In every session i’m learning such a lot.

it’s a unique town from a song writing perspective. it’s been really good fun so far.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to all things farrah. I hope y’all have ordered the album. did I say Y’all… Dagnabbit!

lots of peace, love and understanding.

jez x

Me Too UK

Me Too” will finally will be available in the shops from 1st November!! However, pre-orders are available NOW for the special bargainous price of £8.99 (including post and packing!) direct from Lojinx.

If you order NOW you can also get free Farrah stickers!!

The price will go back up to £10.99 on 1st November so order your cheapie copy while you can! And buy one for a friend while your at it?!

I like nashville.

hello everyone, It’s friday night in nashville and i’ve been writing today with an ultra talented writer called bill demain.

We wrote a song about a travel agent which seemed fitting as i’ve been travelling a lot this year.

I went to see the metallica film yesterday which was amazing and pretty funny too. I’m getting to know nashville a little bit now

and not getting lost so much. It’s a real shame that I’m missing my dear friend Sarah D’s wedding to Rich. A lot of my friends will be pretty pissed by now and dancing on a table.

I hope all is well with all of you out there.

Hope you have a great weekend

All the best


Well hey y’all

It’s Jez here in rainy Nashville. I’m here to write with some country writers for a couple of weeks

which should be fun. All is great in farrah world. Our album is finally coming out in the U.K on a small but perfectly formed

label called Lojinx. It’s been a long wait but soon you’ll be able to go into a record shop and buy the record, or buy it online

I want to say thanks on behalf of the whole band to all of you out there who have been so patient. the next thing on our

list is trying to get on a U.K tour so we can get out there and see you all!

My favourite song title out here is ‘Save a horse (ride a cowboy)..

That’s all for now