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drivin my truck…

is a funny thing. There are lots of huge cars here. i don’t quite understand why you would need a humvee in tennessee just to go shopping.

it’s been a busy old week. I went to see Nick Lowe last night which was great. He’s one of the fathers of powerpop. ‘Cruel to be kind’ is a classic.

For those who don’t know, as well as being an artist in his own right, he produced albums for elvis costello amongst many others. it was a really good gig (even though it was seated)

Wilco were doing an outdoor gig tonight but i couldn’t get there unfortunately.

Today i was writing with a great writer. In every session i’m learning such a lot.

it’s a unique town from a song writing perspective. it’s been really good fun so far.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to all things farrah. I hope y’all have ordered the album. did I say Y’all… Dagnabbit!

lots of peace, love and understanding.

jez x