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View From The Stage @ Moby Dick


Farrah & Bombones & Narbino

Hola! Back from Spain and some very successfull shows. Madrid was almost sold out (The Moby Dick) as was Valencia (a mini-festical with 4 bands). Barcelona was shite and deserted (as always Рtoo cool for us) and the Ricoamor in Castellón was sold out and rocked as always. Bombones supported us along the way and really proved that they can pull-off their own brand of Spanish pop-rock live. Thanks once again to Santi for baby-sitting us.

We played at the mighty JimmyK’s (see under “light sabre”) birthday party on Friday (in London) and the rest of the band are only now recovering from their Champagne hangovers (actually thats not true, as it was very expensive champagne which apparently means you don’t get hangovers from it – it must have been the mixture of free beer and spirits).


(Jez has buggered off to write songs for other people in the US of A again)