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Japan tomorrow

Wow, can’t believe we’re off to Japan tomorrow. This rock and roll lifestyle isn’t too bad. Hello to anyone out there who’s coming too see us!


Austin’s powers

O.K, I admit the headline is a bad pun but I thought i’d send you all greetings from Austin Texas. i’m having a brilliant time and eating amazing mexican food which bears liitle resemblance to the stuff we get back home. It’s pretty warm here and I’m sleeping in a studio with a marshall stack as a bedside table.

It’s like a teenage fantasy come true….

I’ wrote a new farrah song this morning while I had coffee and watched the cowboys mosey on by.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend.

All the best


Happy Birthday to ….me

100 club

Mr perfect

Hi everyone, I’m finally recovered from my Birthday. It was a blast. It was especially lovely to see so many of you at the Farrah gig on Sunday. I even got lovely gifts (thanks Sandrine). the gig was fun although too short for my liking. Good reviews are starting to come in for the album and we’re off to japan in a couple of weeks. hope all is well out there.

All t’best

jez x