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Japan rocks!

Michelle, Yumi, Jez & Shiho

Shiho & Mike

Greetings from hakata everybody. We`re having an amazing time in japan. It`s so brilliant to be back here promoting our new mini album. We had a Radio interview last night and then met the buyers at HMV and tower who have kindly racked `stop gap product` out and put it on the listening stations!

The Gig in Osaka was great fun and really busy. Some fans had brought the most amazing things to sign. One guy even had a flyer from a gig we did at the dublin castle camden in about 1953. Where do they get the stuff from?

We also met up with the Street team girls who have been doing a fantastic job in getteing the band known in Japan. We also found out that a huge (and really brilliant ) band called Asian Kung Fu Generation are fans of Farrah. They`re playing the Budakan in Tokyo the same night we`re playing our Egging records night. [email protected] hoping to go and catch their set

It`s hot here too and the food… don`t get me started on the food..mmmmmmm.

hope all is well with all of you

all the best