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Birmingham – Brilliant!

Ltd Edition Margherita Signature Wallets

Jez Army

Amber & Jez

birmingham signing

Hey everyone,

Well, being Australian, I haven’t really seen much of the UK, but I’m so glad I got to go to Birmingham – you live in a cool city! Jez and I had a great time doing a bit of shopping at the Bullring before the show and eating chips from the Ocean Fish Bar, but, of course, best of all was the Hanson show – you guys rocked! We had such a great time last night, and it was very cool that we got to meet so many of you after the show and sign stuff… like arms, skirts, shoes and wallets (Lee and Ed!) – you guys are crazy!!

Special mention goes to Amber, though, who had some very intersting pictures of Jez with her… 🙂

And to the Denmark girls from the Astoria show the other night – yes, we did see your T-shirts from the stage!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Mean Fiddler show in London on Thursday.

Love Michelle xxx

Just woke up…

The Astoria Crowd

Hi everyone,

I’ve just woken up (a sleep-in, bliss) and thought I’d say Happy Easter! Can’t believe it’s Monday already… Which means we’re playing in Birmingham tonight with Hanson – yay!

We are having such a brilliant time on the Hanson tour, not only because the Hanson guys are very cool (and good looking!!) but also because their fans are great, too.

We had a really fun gig last night at the Astoria in London, and what helped make it such a laugh was that so many fans were singing along and clapping, and then, after the show, came up and chatted to us! You rock!

Hope to see lots of you London Hansonettes and Hansonites at The Mean Fiddler (next door to the Astoria!) on Thursday. Remember to come up and say hi!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter break, eat lots of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns and see you all soon.

Michelle xxx

PS – Have a look at the picture below – it’s the one that Andy took last night of the crowd! You never know, you might even see yourself… x

hanson, wow!

Glasgow Soundcheck


Merch Desk Chaos

well, what can i say? Hanson fans are as cool as those Hanson boys themselves! We’ve only played Glasgow and Manchester so far, but things have gone very well. We’ve met lots of really cool Hanson fans who have all been really kind to us. We couldn’t have asked for a friendlier more receptive crowd.

And those Hanson boys are some real talent. Hanson put on a great live show. They are truely amazing musicians (stunning harmony vocals!) and such nice guys to boot. We’re all really looking forward to the rest of the tour. Bring on the Astoria….



PS i think Zak is my favorite – brilliant drummer!

PPS big thanks to Jen & Dani who were probably the only people there who travelled many miles just to see us!

Back in Blighty

Gay Paris

Gay Paris

Bonjour, I hope all of you are well. I’m just posting to say that the French tour was fantastic. We saw parts of France we never knew existed, Mike ate parts of animals I couldn’t recognise and we played everytype of venue from Crypts to instores. We’ll have some photos on the site soon.

Hope to see you at the Hanson shows


FARRAH Support HANSON Starting Next Week!

Campbell Rock







Big Bass

Garfield Rocks

Breaking news just in! FARRAH are confirmed as Special Guests to Hanson at:

  • Glasgow Academy ( 24 March )
  • Manchester Academy ( 25 March )
  • London Astoria ( 27 March ),
  • Birmingham Academy ( 28 March )
  • London Mean Fiddler ( 31 March ).

More details on the gigs page. Tickets are available from www.gigsandtours.com. More news as it happens….


Wow, we’re having what’s known in the trade as a ‘shiny’ week this week. Not only are we having an amazing tour in France and we’re I tunes single of the week but we’ve just found out that we’re going on tour with Hanson next week. Big shows in the U.K. It’s sunny here in Paris, we’ve been sitting on the grass eating boursin. off to Orleon today.

lots of love

a bientot

iTunes Single of The Week – FREE DOWNLOAD!!

Serious Work


Bass Thing

More Tea

New Knob Twidler

Locked Away in Silence

Action Shot

Farrah’s track “Tongue Tied” has been selected by Apple as Single Of The Week on iTunes from Tuesday 15 March to Tuesday 22 March.

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Up All Night @ The Spice Of Life

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French fun

Bruno's Place - Le Sablier

Swanky Hotel

Sir Dan McKinna

double the fun

Andy travels light

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Hello all, I thought i’d let you know how the Fench tour was going. It’s been brilliant fun so far. The audiences have been amazing and the places we’ve played have been nothing short of extraordinary.

The first two gigs were in Brittany. The Breton people seem to like a drink (to put it mildly) and we sampled everything from Cidre to moonshine. The audiences seemed to enjoy my mangled attempts at French and we’ve enjoyed the local cuisine, especially the carnivores! We’re going back for more shows next week in the South of France, Can’t wait!

All the best