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Just woke up…

The Astoria Crowd

Hi everyone,

I’ve just woken up (a sleep-in, bliss) and thought I’d say Happy Easter! Can’t believe it’s Monday already… Which means we’re playing in Birmingham tonight with Hanson – yay!

We are having such a brilliant time on the Hanson tour, not only because the Hanson guys are very cool (and good looking!!) but also because their fans are great, too.

We had a really fun gig last night at the Astoria in London, and what helped make it such a laugh was that so many fans were singing along and clapping, and then, after the show, came up and chatted to us! You rock!

Hope to see lots of you London Hansonettes and Hansonites at The Mean Fiddler (next door to the Astoria!) on Thursday. Remember to come up and say hi!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter break, eat lots of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns and see you all soon.

Michelle xxx

PS – Have a look at the picture below – it’s the one that Andy took last night of the crowd! You never know, you might even see yourself… x