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Birmingham – Brilliant!

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birmingham signing

Hey everyone,

Well, being Australian, I haven’t really seen much of the UK, but I’m so glad I got to go to Birmingham – you live in a cool city! Jez and I had a great time doing a bit of shopping at the Bullring before the show and eating chips from the Ocean Fish Bar, but, of course, best of all was the Hanson show – you guys rocked! We had such a great time last night, and it was very cool that we got to meet so many of you after the show and sign stuff… like arms, skirts, shoes and wallets (Lee and Ed!) – you guys are crazy!!

Special mention goes to Amber, though, who had some very intersting pictures of Jez with her… 🙂

And to the Denmark girls from the Astoria show the other night – yes, we did see your T-shirts from the stage!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Mean Fiddler show in London on Thursday.

Love Michelle xxx