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Radio silence

Good lord, is it really that long since the last Diary entry?

Well hello everyone, hope you’re all well. It’s been a busy few weeks since the Hanson Tour. We’re really chuffed about getting the Phantom Planet dates, I really liked ‘The Guest’ when it came out a few years ago (in fact we used to listen to it a lot when we made Me Too). It will be good to get out and do a few shows on our own. We’re even playing in York where me and Andy are from. Good bitter….mmmmmmm.

I’ve been drinking a lot and coming up with ideas for Farrah’s new prog rock triple CD (only Joking, although tempting…) It’s a tough life.

I really hope some of you come to the shows, otherwise it will be weeny ladgin (ladgin or Ladjing is a York slang word which means embarrassing, weeny means very). It’s one of Farrah’s favourite words as we’ve been embarrassed many times, mostly by our performances

I’m rambling now and that in itself is ladgin. I am a ladger.

Big kiss to you all

Jez x

P.S Oh. By the way I hope you like the single and all rush out and buy it. If it’s good enough for Blue Peter it’s gotta be a winner